Timo Felbinger

Office Address:

Quantum Optics Group
Universitaet Potsdam
Institut fuer Physik und Astronomie
Building 28, room 2.084
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24/25
14476 Potsdam-Golm
Private address:

Fliederweg 6
14469 Potsdam
office phone: +49 331 977 1793 mobile phone: O2: +49 176 2271 8251
email: pdrjxb-jupp@25.12.2016.best-before.qipc.org

Research interests:

Quantum Monte Carlo Methods, with a special interest in numerical computation of multi-time correlation functions
This animation shows the time evolution of the Wigner function of the fundamental mode of a degenerate optical parametric oscillator slightly above its threshold. The central part of the C++ code
You can download the complete software package I am using: skewsim-2.1.2.tgz

Quantum Information:
qmatrix package: A mathematica library to work with states on structured Hilbertspaces. It has been written with this Mathematica frontend.

Other software:

  Most software on this page is covered by the
     GNU General Public License.
Foodsoft / branch foodsoft-potsdam (used by Foodcoop Nahrungskette Potsdam)
ml2vim: Vim (a free vi clone) with a build-in mathematica interface.
x509toOpenSSH.c: A small tool to extract RSA public keys in OpenSSH format (protocol version 2) from X.509 certificates (in PEM format).
autofs-ldap: A patch for the Linux automounter, autofs, to improve support for LDAP maps (ie, to obtain automount information from LDAP servers): it supports arbitrary schema and filters, TLS, and strong authentication (currently available: "LDAP simple" and "SASL external").
ldapforward: An add-on for the qmail MTA to route email based on rules read from an LDAP directory.
backup.sh: A bash-script to backup file systems from client hosts over the network to a tape drive. Meta-information on tape contents is stored in an LDAP directory.
TEX header files, defining macros and other stuff which I find useful for printing slides and posters:
jupp.lean.tex Master header file, inputs all the other files (lean version)
earlystuff.tex Very basic macro definitions, required by many other macros
conditionals.tex Conditional expressions
papersize.tex Choose any papersize of the DIN-A series (and don't set ridiculously wide margins like standard TEX)
rpn.tex A reverse polish notation pocket calculator (used from within some of the other header files)
smashbox.tex Create boxes of well-defined size and place them arbitrarily anywhere on the page, without advancing the cursor
stack.tex Create LIFO data structures in TEX
string.tex Define a few functions resembling those in string.h

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